Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the use of the Inter web site of Horizons Group ("Company ") and the system or application of the Company (the website, system and application will be referred to hereinafter as the "Site"). by using the Site, you (hereinafter the: "User") expresses your agreement to this policy.

In case you use any of the additional services of the Company, which require registration or identification on your part, the terms of use of these services shall also apply, which may include specific privacy aspects.

As part of the use of the website, the company may collect various types of information such as an IP address, the characteristics of the device from which you surf – browser type, operating system type, language used on the device etc.

The company may collect information on how you use the site  – from where did you get to the site, the time you spent on it, the pages you have viewed within the site etc. as well as additional information regarding the services you have received from the company.

The company collects the information, stores and processes it for a number of purposes, as set forth below:

  • The provision of the Company's services in accordance with the agreements you have entered into with the Company.
  • Control and information security of the site and its use, detection and prevention of activities that may endanger the site and to protect your privacy.
  • Improving the use of the site and the company's services, including user experience and/or adjusting the services to the preferences you have chosen.
  • Marketing and advertising on the site and across the Internet tailored to your preferences, including by advertising on third party websites and platforms.
  • Executing any legal requirement in Israel or abroad applicable to the company.

The Company may use third parties to collect and analyze statistical anonymous information, and share such information with third parties at the Company 's discretion, for the purposes mentioned above.

The information collected may be stored in the databases of the company and/or of third parties that provide it with services, located in Israel and/or in other countries.

Advertisements and/or links to third party sites are not the responsibility of the company and by clicking on them you may be redirect to external sites with different privacy policies.

The site makes use of cookies and tags which are files that are sent to the device from which you are browsing the site and stores various information automatically, for the purpose of:

  • Identifying your device and learn how you use the site
  • Allow a friendly interface for the use of the site
  • For the purposes set out in this Policy

As part of the use of cookies, the company will not collect identifying information such as name, phone number, e-mail address etc. The company may use the tools of internet companies such as Google and Facebook for anonymous information analysis and customized publishing. Said companies may make use of cookies Their own.

You can change the preferences cookies. You can block or restrict cookies in the browser you are using by changing the settings of the browser installed on your device. Such blocking can be complete or partial, depending on the type of the browser. Please note that blocking or restricting cookies may prevent you from accessing or using the Site or any part thereof, or impair your browsing experience.